Warrior Luke – Long Staff training

Warrior Luke is learning how to use the Long Staff, or in Korean, “Bong”

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has given Warrior Luke an amazing opportunity to demonstrate what he has learned at various martial art demonstrations, including the Investiture of the Orders of Constantine the Great and of St. Helen.

Tae Yun Kim's student - Warrior Luke at Investiture

Tae Yun Kim's Student - Warrior Luke - Bong demo at Investiture

Warrior Luke has also performed at an outdoor dedication for the Chinese History museum in San Jose.

Tae Yun Kim's student Warrior Luke at Demo

Warrior Luke has changed his life 180 degrees!

More on his story coming soon!


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One response to “Warrior Luke – Long Staff training

  1. Great to hear you are transforming your life

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