About Dr. Tae Yun Kim


Offering her life story to the world as a point of inspiration so that others can use her life experiences as a roadmap to their own unique and individual success stories, Tae Yun Kim has become a true Icon of Success.

Her message is clear:  He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!

From the moment of her birth on the Lunar New Year in 1946, she was called a Curse just because she was a girl.  At the age of 5 during the Korean War, her family abandoned her because she was an extra mouth to feed.  Crying and alone, an older girl found her and encouraged her to race in order to run away from the bombing.  As she struggled to keep up with her new and only friend, suddenly, she was thrown backwards by the shock of an explosion.  Finding the shattered body of her only friend, the young Tae Yun stood her ground and shouted up to the bomber airplanes, “I’m not going to run anymore!”

And so began her life filled with facing and overcoming challenges with a determined Can Do Spirit!


Today, Tae Yun Kim is known around the world as a Business Visionary.  She was awarded the Grand prize from all the businesses throughout California in the California Chamber of Commerce’s “Simply Success Story Challenge” for the bold and innovative way she led her company through an economic downturn.  He company was awarded the “Best Place to Work” in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Bay Area for 2 years in a row.


Regarded as a Technology Giant in Silicon Valley, Tae Yun Kim continues to drive the Lighthouse Development Team to invent and create innovative new products that lead the industry in monitoring our clean air and water.


Modern Day Warrior, Tae Yun Kim still teaches the ancient principles of Ki Energy at the Tae Yun Kim International University of Higher Learning and the Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy where students overcome their challenges and achieve success through Dr. Kim’s teaching and inspiration.


Tae Yun Kim was called the Hope of the Country by the President and First Lady of South Korea because of the inspiration she gave to all the Korean people during the IMF crisis.  Today, she continues to motivate and inspire people, young & old, to set their goals and to achieve their dreams.

Speaking around the world, Tae Yun Kim is a successful motivational lecturer and an accomplished author with books in over 15 different languages.

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