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Warrior Luke – Update & Progress!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s student, Luke, continues to train hard at Jung SuWon.

In a recent class, Great Grandmaster Kim asked him to perform a 5 board spinning round house kick break to demonstrate the proper leg position during a spinning round house kick.

Warrior Luke prepares to break 5 boards with a single spinning round house kick!

Spinning round house is  a difficult technique to do by itself, but targeting 5 boards in a row is very challenging!

Of course, before that night, he had no idea he would be doing this break! Students at Jung SuWon don’t practice breaking techniques.  Great Grandmaster Kim usually surprises her students on the spot!

Warrior Luke applied all the teachings he has learned from Great Grandmaster Kim and focused on this difficult breaking demonstration.

And he did it!

Warrior Luke breaks all 5 boards in one spinning round house kick!

Click here to see the break in action!

Warrior Luke’s 5 board Spinning Round House Kick Break

Congratulations Warrior Luke!!


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Warrior Luke – Miracles of Miracles!

Warrior Luke once was a “non” student… what is this?  This is someone who “goes” to school, but doesn’t get anything out of school.  Ditches classes, doesn’t do homework, fools around…and can actually fail woodshop.

The failure only occurred because he never applied himself, never tried to do well, never CARED.

He was not motivated and didn’t receive much support from his family.  They were always fighting and never communicated well.

Let’s flip the page in his book of life and see what he is doing today!

He is studious. He learns fast and remembers well. He applies himself.

Internship program at a high tech company

Studying on Laptop

He trains hard.

Training at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy

And he has attended VIP events with Dr. Tae Yun Kim.

Luke with H.E. Dr. Tae Yun Kim

And he CARES.

Are we sure we are talking about the same guy??


That’s the miracle and the beauty of Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s program at the Tae Yun Kim International University!  Dr. Kim knows how to talk to young people.  She knows how to motivate them and encourage them.  And they listen!

More on Warrior Luke’s progress coming soon!


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